Archived site

AIS'17 was held on 14 November 2017, at the Vida Mar Resort Madeira, as part of ICIDS 2017. This site is an archive of the workshop. For the latest edition, please see here.

Attending the Workshop

AIS'17 will be held on 14 November 2017, in an as of yet unspecified room in the Vida Mar Resort Madeira. Note that you do not need to have a paper accepted to the workshop to participate. We encourage anyone who is interested in taking part to join us! However, you do need to register for ICIDS 2017 and for the workshop sessions. Details can be found here.

Workshop Description

The authoring of interactive storytelling, and the processes and technology to support it, remains one of the most significant challenges facing narrative systems research. This workshop aims to bring together creatives, technologists, and associated researchers in a collective meeting to share research and advances in this space. Relevant work includes authoring tools, methodologies for authorship, frameworks and technology for assisting writers, and experimental paradigms of interactive storytelling creation such as locative storytelling and AR narrative.

The workshop aims to:

  • Create a meeting venue for active researchers in this area to come together and share their work
  • Foster a community around this work, as a step towards future collaboration
  • Identify substantial challenges in this area that may be collectively targeted going forward
  • Provide a venue for publication of early work in this space

As well as the above aims, this workshop also aims to bridge the gap within the narrative systems research community between the interactive storytelling community (whose natural venue is ICIDS) and the Hypertext Narrative community (whose natural venue is ACM Hypertext). Both communities have been exploring interactive storytelling authorship in recent years, and it is our hope that a workshop organised by researchers from both communities can provide a focal point for dialogue and collaboration. Two of the organisers have run several workshops, both separately (Spierling at ICIDS 2008, 2009 and 2010) and together (Mitchell and Spierling at ICIDS 2014 and 2016) on similar topics. Similarly, the other two organizers (Hargood and Millard) have run a successful narrative systems workshop series at ACM Hypertext since 2011. The proposed workshop aims to form the basis of a workshop series, following on from the earlier ICIDS workshops, acting as a sister workshop series to the NHT workshop series and potentially forming a connection between the two communities. This would be a notable outcome, and may in future lead to a special issue journal publication fed by contributions from both workshops.

Relevant Topics

The workshop seeks to discuss:

  • Authoring tools
  • Frameworks for interactive digital narrative authoring
  • Digital writing methodologies
  • Co-Design of interactive digital narrative
  • Locative and in-situ authoring
  • Experimental digital writing paradigms
  • New media creation and production
  • Assisting technology for writers